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Foodie Fanatic | Mom | Part Lunatic

Hi, my name is Jessica. Wife, mother of 6 and friend to many, well at least I think so, and lover of food.

I have always had a love for cooking, even from a young age. Cooking became more of a passion as our family grew, in 2’s I might add. It has become what I’m known for. Ask any family member (just not a kid that’s mad at me), or any co-worker. That’s how I show my love. Because let’s face it, food is love!

Being married into a Mexican family, I had to quickly adapt to being in the kitchen. Abuelita was not impressed with boxed Mac ‘N Cheese and oven baked chicken nuggets, even though some nights it just is what it is!

So, you may be wondering about the name Messy Jessy. I thank my co-workers for that. And maybe I’m not an office job kinda gal, but running late, spilled coffee, laughing too hard in meetings was my jam. But look where it has led me! With the support of my husband, family and my fearless mindset, I am pursuing the American dream in my own “Messy Jessy” style.

MJ’s style is a version of grandmas cooking with a twist, and that’s what I’m hoping my future grandchildren will say.  It all starts with the salsa, it has the kind of kick and flavor, where you just can’t stop. But it doesn’t stop there. Breakfast tacos, flautas, chile verde galore, tacos, quesadillas, aguas frescas, and more! You will leave full and happy, I promise!

It isn’t just food though. It’s an energy, it’s a vibe, it’s family. Your experience will feel like your home away from home. You’ll feel like we’ve known each other forever, and if I’ve done anything right, we just might just end up that way!!




Messy Jessy keeps it real and uncomplicated. We’ve perfected the art of salsa and good times, and we’re excited to take our homemade salsa on the road.
All of our food is made from scratch, we never compromise on quality, and are constantly inspired by the farm fresh ingredients.


Sourcing from local farms and gardens, I make sure the ingredients are only the BEST!

  • NO processed ingredients

  • NO GMO

  • NO BS

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