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  • Can I find Messy Jessy in stores?
    To keep our quality standards, we currently make Messy Jessy Salsas as small batches. We sell our products at local farmers markets, and by word of mouth. We will be taking online orders soon!
  • Are there any nuts (food allergies) in your salsas?
    There are no nuts in our salsa line. But, I am a little nuts in the kitchen!
  • Can I get your salsa in larger sizes?
    Currently, we are selling in 16 oz. jars. If you have a special request, let me know!
  • How long is the Salsa good for?
    The typical shelf life is approximately 12 month after being purchased, if stored in a pantry. Once opened, please refrigerate and contents will be good for approximately 2 weeks.
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